How To Optimize Your Google My Business

Posted On Tuesday March 30, 2021

Let’s start off with the obvious question you may be asking yourself – what is Google My Business (GMB)? If you’re a business owner you’re probably already familiar with it, but just in case you’re not, GMB is your FREE online business listing with Google. With a GMB business account, you’ll be able to share important information with your customers such as your location, hours of operation, website & social links, etc. These are just a few examples of the type of information you can share directly with your customers and are vital in helping grow your business. Let’s have a look at 5 benefits that come from optimizing your GMB account to its full potential.

Visibility on Google Search & Maps: If you’ve ever Googled a business to get more information such as their phone number, address, or hours of operation, then you know how impactful having this information readily available is. By providing this to your customers directly through GMB, you are increasing your conversion ratio simply by providing these key details. Also, as both Google Maps and GMB are automatically linked together, your business will be easily found with directions routing straight to your location.

Quality Photos: As 60% of consumers say search results with good images push them towards a decision, it’s very important to have quality photos of your business on your GMB account. When picking photos to upload, it is recommended that a business upload at least three strong exterior photos (taken at different times of the day to show the approach to the business), about three interior photos, and a handful of the most popular products you sell (source: Bright Local – Google My Business Photos: The Ultimate Guide to Looking Good Online). This is your business, don’t be afraid to show it off!

Reviews: What people say about your business online matters. When they leave a review it shows up publicly on your GMB account and can be viewed by others who come across your business through Google. It is important to respond professionally to the reviews left on your GMB account, not only for the commenter's sake but for future customers who read the reviews as well. Furthermore, the reviews that people leave also have a direct effect on your Search Engine Optimization (SEO). As the two main pillars of SEO are relevance and authority, the reviews and ratings that customers leave impact your authority for better or for worse.

Local Service Area: Speaking of SEO, including your local service area will do wonders for your search visibility in a local setting. For instance, if you’ve ever searched for “restaurants near me” or “barbers in Brant”, you will be shown local search results for your query. By adding to your local service area to include locations outside of your immediate city, you will be exposing your business to a larger audience, which in turn will help grow your business.

Links to Website & Socials: Even though we don’t like to admit it, we can be lazy when it comes to searching for the information we need… and your audience is no different. By having your website and socials linked directly from your GMB account, you are making it as easy as possible for your customers to find you elsewhere on the web. This is also a great way to help boost your SEO- as search engines will try to find links between your online brand presence to verify your authority & relevance in the content

These optimization strategies are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to all you can do with your GMB account. If you are interested in taking a deeper dive to learn more about what you can do to improve your GMB, I would strongly recommend that you check out this article from WordStream: 13 Essential Google My Business Optimizations to Rank Higher in Local Search. Remember to put yourself in the shoes of your customer - what information would you want to see when searching for your business?