Tips Tuesday, With your Digital Service Squad - Stress-Free Marketing

Posted On Tuesday February 23, 2021

Avoiding Digital Marketing because there are too many unknowns, or because you are overwhelmed merely by the idea of planning a campaign and learning how to operate social media will only harm you and your business. Pushing things to the side with a goal of 'someday' can create a mountain of plans that seem too tough to tackle. But having the know-how to organize your plans into attainable sections and goals that won’t be overwhelming is the key to staying on top of your digital marketing.

Effective planning and management will help to reduce any stress related to digital marketing. Here are some tactics to achieve this;

  • Focus: In the digital age, distractions are inevitable, your attention is pulled in multiple directions and it is easy to jump between various pages and get off track. That is why it is so important to actively focus on your end goal and immediate task.
    • It can be very easy to morph a 20-minute task into a two-hour one by losing focus and overthinking. The time it takes to casually create a new post for social media might be drastically longer than the time it takes to focus and create a post.
    • Pause and Reflect: If you're in the middle of drafting a marketing campaign and you start to hit a wall, feel confused about your direction, or simply aren't sure if your messaging is correct, stop, walk away, and take a break. Give your thoughts time to calm down and then go back with a fresh brain. You may then notice that you were actually on the right track the whole time and you were simply overthinking things. Or, you may come up with a new direction to take your campaign that better aligns with your targets.
    • Start with the basics: Growing your following, boosting engagement, or designing a compelling website will be tricky without going through learning stages and starting at the bottom. Before you get too technical you want to fully comprehend the platform that you using, the insights from your current followers, and the wants and needs of your customers. Crafting a successful marketing campaign requires many layers, and you must start with a strong and solid base.
    • Don’t Overextend: Your competitor might successfully be operating Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, a blog, and a website, and so you think your business must do the same. That is not always the case. Having five lack-luster accounts won’t do much to help your business, and in some cases, it can harm your business if customers link the quality of your online presence with the quality of your business. Start small. Remember that quality matters. You may find it beneficial to pick just one platform, learn about it (master it) and then slowly grow and expand your business into other online avenues. One quality Facebook or Instagram account will be more beneficial than three accounts that do not do your business justice.
    • Plan Ahead: In the digital age it often seems like everything has to be done now, especially if you want to stay relevant and on top of trends. But remember, there is always tomorrow. Trying to accomplish everything now, and staying up to date can quickly become a never-ending cycle. So, do what you can today, and tomorrow is a new day. A little bit here and there will quickly equate to an impressive list of accomplishments. Push yourself, but in a sustainable and attainable manner, to ensure long-term success.
    • Small Goals: If you feel like you are spending hours working, but not accomplishing anything, try breaking down your big task into smaller to-dos. While you are still doing the same amount of work, you can now look back and see all of the smaller items that you have checked off and you can register a sense of accomplishment to your work instead of simply thinking you still haven’t finished your project.
      • Trying to cram too many things in and accomplish an unreasonable about of tasks may lead to feelings of underperformance and dread. This will further de-motivate you from trying new campaigns and tackling your growing to-do list.

The most important thing to remember is to try to not get overwhelmed by the task of digital marketing. It may seem like a big mountain to climb, but by being open-minded and taking things slow and steady, your business can realize the great benefits that come along with the online world. Lastly, don’t forget that your Digital Service Squad is always here to lean on if your business needs help planning and learning to optimize digital marketing.