Tips Tuesday, With your Digital Service Squad - Website Maintenance

Posted On Tuesday January 12, 2021

Having a website for your business is great! But is your website is properly maintained and updated? Every business's website will require different elements and have a specific reason for existing, but at the same time, certain elements of web development will be relevant across the board. Not everyone has the time to constantly update and revitalize their website to keep it current or ahead of the times, but there is a bottom line of website maintenance that you should try to stay on top of.  Maintaining and updating your website helps draw in new customers, but it is also an important factor in keeping existing customers excited and returning.

When looking to maintain your website to ensure relevancy, these are a few things to review:

  1. Hours of Operation: Ensure these are accurate and reflect your actual operating hours, double-check that the hours on your website also align with the hours on your GoogleMyBusiness and Facebook account. Do not forget to include updated hours for holidays.
  2. Prices: Whether or not your website is processing orders/payments or just promoting in-store products, it is important to show accurate prices. Showcasing wrong prices can deter a customer from purchasing the product and may break down the trust that your business has built up.
    1. This includes sales/promotion, make sure to reflect the updated prices, discounts, and promotion end dates on your website.
    2. Events: If you are using your website to promote events, try to keep these current. Remove old events that have finished and include up-coming events so that viewers have time to discover the event and get excited.
    3. Links: If your website has links to external websites or accounts, make sure you check on these periodically to see if the link still works (ie, clicking on it still takes you to the desired location). Broken links that take viewers to an 'error page' can often go missing on a website and decreases user-friendliness. 

When looking to keep a fresh and updated website that draws viewers in, these are a few things to review:

  1. About Us Section: Review this periodically and make sure that it tells the true story of your business and it reflects current happenings in your business operations. About us, sections often detail the reason for starting the business but fail to showcase growth and development. The about us section is a pathway to connect with your viewers and give them a peek into your story.
    1. Staff Bios: if your website includes a short bio/introduction of you and your employees (recommend adding this if you do not have one) it is important to keep this current. Remove profiles of employees who no longer work at your business, and make sure to add profiles of any new employees. Similar to the about us, you want to keep bios updated to reflect their story, and include current headshots.
    2. Photos: Make sure that any photos you have on your website are of good quality and formatted properly (ie. they are not blurry and the photo is correctly cropped and positioned). As your businesses evolve and you capture more photos, cycle the new ones onto your website to keep things fresh and current.
      1. If you still love your old photos and do not want to remove them, consider adding a gallery section to your website where you can house more photos that viewers can scroll through. Photo galleries allow new shoppers and viewers to see all your photos and get a sense of how your business has grown throughout its lifetime. Galleries are also a great place to display a high volume of past work and custom creations, think of it as your portfolio.
      2. FAQ Section: An FAQ page is a very important factor for user-friendliness and is something that you should try to keep up-to-date and relevant. Include questions that you tend to get frequently from customers. If you start to notice many inquiries on a specific topic, then you should update your FAQ to include some points related to it. On the other hand, if your FAQ points are no longer relevant or helpful, then you can remove them from the page to keep everything as clear and concise as possible.
      3. Page-By-Page: Whenever you go onto your website for routine maintenance and updates, pick a page/section of your website and dedicate some time to go over it, edit and re-write things. This ensures your content is fresh and changing, but by only doing one page at a time, it is manageable and not overwhelming.

Email a member of your Digital Service Squad today ( and we can assist you in optimizing your business’s website. Whether you would like someone to edit your site for grammatical errors, look it over for user-friendliness or review it and discuss some possible areas of improvement, we are here for you!