Sensity Receives Federal Funding

Posted On Monday August 10, 2020

Another local Brant business has recieved funding through the federal Investment Readiness Program (IRP) and the Emergency Community Support Fund.

Sensity is a Brant based organization that provides intervenor services for children and adults across Ontario who are deafblind. As a registered charity and a member of the Deafblind Network of Ontario and Deafblind International, Sensity works with individuals at any stage of their lives and works to deliver meaningful experience who are deafblind. 

In total, Sensity recieved $21,729.00, with $18,000.00 from the IRP being used to create the Sensity Leadership Institute to provide leadership and management training for current and future leaders for Sensity, amd other organizations serving the deafblind population. Along with this, an additional $3,729 was received directly from the Emergency Community Support Fund for accessible swings to help those served cope with the COVID-19 pandemic. Both grants have been accessed through the Brant Community Foundation. 

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