Tips Tuesday, With your Digital Service Squad - How to Create A Successful Digital Marketing Campaign

Posted On Tuesday February 16, 2021

Running a digital marketing campaign is a lot like training for a race… you have to prepare, pace yourself, track your progress, and have defined goals that you wish to achieve. When you begin to create a campaign, it's important to keep the customer's buying experience in mind. As digital campaigns are built on providing a brand experience online to reach potential buyers, campaigns in themselves must be strategic, goal-oriented, and involved. Let's have a look at a few core competencies you’ll need to run a successful digital marketing campaign.

Define Your Goals: Although this may be glaringly obvious to some, knowing what it is that you want to achieve through a campaign is vital to its success. Are you going after new followers? Generating new leads through social media? Newsletter subscriptions? Increasing e-commerce sales? There is an endless amount of metrics to convert on and goals to set. The goals you set are completely up to you, but be sure they are geared towards your marketing efforts yielding business results.

Identifying Your Target Persona: Rather than trying to cast a blanket campaign in an attempt to reach all of your demographic at once, having detailed messaging targeted to your ideal customer will have a more meaningful impact on the success of your campaign. You’ll want to dive deep into as much detail as you can about your ideal customer and extract information such as their age, location, family life, occupation, hobbies & interests, and so on. A good exercise is to draw it out on a mind map and grow from there.

Know Your Budget & Platforms: So now that you have your goals and target persona set, where do you go from here.? Next it’s important to realistically assess your budget and to do market research to see where your audience lives online. Social ads are great at pulling in your target persona that may not even know you exist, while organic growth is great for attracting your current audience base. Having ads geared to your target customer on high activity platforms will yield promising engagement and success… and good news, running social ads is relatively affordable and easy do to. Sprout Social has a great article on social media advertising if you’re interested in learning more.

Email Marketing: Once you’ve converted on your call to action (CTA), a smart way to retain your customers is to create an email marketing strategy in accordance with your overall digital marketing campaign. This will keep your brand top of mind and will strengthen customer relationships & loyalty. Email marketing also has a low cost & good ROI is easy to use and has built-in analytics. If you're unfamiliar with email marketing, Mailchimp is an easy-to-use option that can have you running your first emails in no time.

Now that you have some fundamental knowledge on how to launch your campaign, consistent messaging across all platforms will create a powerful synergy that effectively showcases your brand. Your messaging needs to resonate with your audience, and the content you generate must speak to your brand and your CTA. Also, don’t forget to monitor your progress by studying analytics & insights by tracking them through snapshots and reports. Even if you’re only tracking a few key metrics, it’s important to know what is succeeding and what needs to be improved, so you have a benchmark for comparison.

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