Tips Tuesday, With your Digital Service Squad - Video Marketing and Storytelling

Posted On Tuesday December 22, 2020

Video Marketing can be achieved simply by adding videos into your marketing campaigns and social media plans. Videos are becoming an increasingly important aspect of digital marketing as it presents you with another opportunity to engage your customers, promote your brand, sell your products/services, increase your online presence and endorse your business as a quality and trustworthy supplier. Once you learn the basics, video marketing can be a very easy and inexpensive way to help boost your business.

What type of content should you be recording? You can (and should) record and publish a wide variety of videos, this helps ensure your content stays fresh and is not too repetitive. Some videos require more planning and technical know-how and some can simply be a spur of the moment. Videos can focus on showing off your brand, educating viewers on your business, promoting products, sharing customer testimonials and reviews, discussing FAQs, or even explaining product instructions. To ensure all viewers can digest your videos it is important to include closed captions on the video. A high percentage of viewers watch videos with their sound turned off for at least part of the video, so it can be helpful to include short titles and keywords.

How should you be recording your videos? It is no longer necessary to have an expensive camera or a professional videographer to record your videos (although it can be a great investment), most of the time you can get away with recording on your cell phone. For more informal and personal videos, it is fine to record in ‘selfie mode’, but for educational or more professional videos your phone should be stationary (mounted, tripod, or even leaning against something) this helps produce a clear focused video. This also allows for a wider frame and a bit more freedom to move around and show off your products. Viewers are then able to pick up on your body language.

Where should you be posting your videos? Informational videos are ideal for Facebook. Since you are trying to communicate information (or product features), these should take on a more serious/professional tone. Short snippets that give an overview of something or make a quick announcement are great for Instagram Stories. These are informal, on-the-spot videos that help give an insight into the business and show how friendly and welcoming you are. Longer videos that give an overview of your entire operations or introduce staff members are great to have on the home page of your website or pinned on your Facebook Page. These can be professional/information-driven videos, which also provide a peek into the personalities of your employees and how your business functions. If your business is baking, crafting or building something, then short videos that show off your end products are great to include in your Instagram feed as it shows off your products in a visually appealing video (don’t forget to include behind the scenes videos of the product being created on your story).

How can you take your videos to the next level? Adding a quick intro and ending clip can really help elevate your videos (especially your longer, more serious ones) and help to tie everything together and reinforce your brand. A simple fade in and out on your logo is often used, but you can replace this with a professional animated trailer of your logo. Check out Fiverr to purchase (very affordable) customized video intros and enders of your logo to include with your video marketing. Speaking of Intros, if you have a hard time trying to start or finish your videos without awkwardly coming up to the camera and rushing to hit the button, a great solution to this is purchasing a blue tooth remote clicker. This small device can easily start and stop your videos. They can be quite inexpensive to purchase and often come with a small tripod to help stabilize your phone. You can check out an example here. If you are looking to combine a couple of videos or edit out certain sections, you can look into downloading a free video editing software.

If your business is ready to start experimenting with video marketing, or if you are looking for new ideas on how to connect with your customers via video storytelling, then send your Digital Service Squad an email. We will be happy to work with your business’s specific needs. Whether you want help developing specific campaigns, or you need assistance figuring out how to even record a video and upload it, we are here for you.