Business in #BrantWorks News Bulletin - Browndale Farms Embraces Digital

Posted On Friday March 19, 2021

For almost 100 years, Browndale Farm has been a family operation, growing from a simple farm with a few orchard trees, horses, and other animals much like many other farms in the early 1900s. In the 1940s, the farm had 15 cows that were milked by hand, and as technology has changed, so too has Browndale Farm, transitioning to a modern robotic dairy farm milking approximately 90 cows.

Browndale Farm has always had a strong focus on community, and when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Browndale opened its doors to fill a need in the community. When beef was scarce in grocery stores, Browndale's freezers were full and so they launched Browndale Market. This was met with a lot of positive feedback and has led to collaboration with other farms, along with creating another revenue stream for Browndale.

Browndale Farm has recently launched a new website, partially funded by the Ontario Agri-Food Open for E-Business that can allow customers to shop online for a variety of beef products. If a customer prefers the in-store shopping experience, they can also use the website to book a private shopping appointment to do so safely.

Since the launch of the County of Brant’s Economic Development Strategy and Action Plan, Agriculture has been a major focus of the Brant Economic Development team, aligning with Pillar 1, Growing a More Diversified Local Economy.

Starting March 23, the County of Brant is hosting a virtual workshop series for farmers looking to sell to the public. The topics of these workshops cover agri-tourism, merchandising excellence, outstanding customer service, marketing on a shoestring budget, and concluding on April 20 with a panel discussion of farmers who are doing value-added agriculture. To learn more and register, visit

If you are an agriculture business in the County of Brant thinking of adding value-added operations to your business, contact the Brant Economic Development team today at