Welcome to the County of Brant! #BrantWorks  

The County of Brant consists of several unique communities ; each offering their own unique characteristics. Steeped in arts, culture and heritage, Brant offers an environment where businesses both large and small can thrive.

The Brant Economic Development team works based on the promise that #BrantWorks! #BrantWorks for businesses that choose to establish in the County of Brant and the people that choose to live in Brant. Boasting an impressive quality of life, impressive growth potential, and a thriving diversified economy, Brant is a place where your business and your employees will thrive. #BrantWorks for you as well, with a dedicated staff, the Brant Economic Development Team can help your team with site selection, accessing funding, and connecting you to local resources and business assoications.

Brant Works for you! Contact our office today to find out how! Contact us.


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