What is Brant Business Retention and Expansion? Simple, #BrantWorks 

#BrantWorks to help your business access available funding to achieve your goals. #BrantWorks to connect with key stakeholders in the community and establish strong working relationships. #BrantWorks with your business to attract labour talent. Finally, #BrantWorks to help the growth, expansion, or relocation of your business as simple as possible. #BrantWorks for you. Contact us today to find out more.

Business Retention and Expansion Activities 


The County of Brant has programs and incentives designed to support the growth and expansion of business in the County. The downtown Brant CIP offers a complete suite of funding opportunities to help improve your property. These incentives can be accessed in downtown Paris, St. George and Burford.  For more information on the CIP, visit https://www.brant.ca/en/invest-in-brant/community-improvement-plan.aspx 

Along with the downtown CIP, the County of Brant Economic Development team is actively engaged with provincial and federal funding sources. For more information on accessing funding, contact the team today.


The County of Brant’s Economic Development team is actively engaged in the community working to make the business environment as prosperous as possible. Through hosting community oriented workshops, actively contributing to local chambers of commerce, workforce planning board, educational institutions and other business associations our team can help establish networks of support and potential development. Having a strong working relationship with our community stakeholders is of paramount importance, and we would like to start the conversation with you. For a list of our community partners, check out our resources page 

Engaged Support 

The County of Brant seeks opportunities to work with the community to produce effective, measurable and valued results. Whether it be co-hosting a job fair, leading the Digital Main Street campaign in Brant’s downtowns, helping with site selection, facilitating the development process or showcasing your successes on social media, the County of Brant is here to support you. To learn the latest in Brant Economic Development and Tourism, subscribe to our news feed! 

Liaison Services 

The County of Brant’s goal is to help facilitate your expansion in Brant or relocation. With a dedicated staff member that works hand in hand with development services, we aim to make the investment process as seamless as possible. No matter the size of your businesses, we are here for you. To get in touch, Contact Us today! 

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