Our COVID-19 Response, known as #BrantWorksTogether, demonstrates our ongoing commitment to provide valuable support to our local businesses and industry as much as possible given the current circumstances.  Please explore the many resources listed below.

We want to ensure that our partners receive:

  • The latest information from the various levels of government.

  • Access to funding. 

  • Provide one-on-one support to local business owners 

  • To assist our stakeholders in navigating the information on this website 

We are committed to doing all we can to mitigate the effects of this unprecedented situation. We want to ensure that the County of Brant is positioned for the best results possible. For the latest information from all County of Brant Departments, visit www.brant.ca/news and subscribe to get notified when news releases are published.

County of Brant Temporary Patio Allowance Program

County of Brant Temporary Patio Allowance Program Application Information

The County of Brant has approved a Temporary Patio Allowance Program to assist restaurant establishments. 


The applicants will be required to adhere to Brant County Health Unit, Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario and all other relevant Provincial direction. Click Here for a one-page summary of the Temporary Patio Allowance Program

Applicants must submit the following to patio@brant.ca

  • A Completed Application Form
    • Application forms are fillable and must be downloaded to complete.
  • Certificate of Insurance (if your patio will be on public property)
  • AGCO “liquor license”
  • Drawing of the Patio to scale. 

For more information and to submit your application, contact patio@brant.ca

Public Safety Community Improvement Plan 

 Public Safety Community Improvement Plan 

The County of Brant has created a new Community Improvement Plan Program to allow businesses to implement public safety measures.  In direct surveying of County of Brant businesses, additional interior safety measures were identified as another avenue to protect the public and employees from COVID-19.


Eligible expenses include but are not limited to:

  • Installation of barriers to protect employees and the public;
  • Permanent signage, kiosks and other markings to promote physical distancing;
  • Reorientation of store aisles and displays to allow for greater distancing;
  • Other permanent modifications that meet the intent of the Province's COVID-19 Guidance or that of the Brant County Health Unit. 


Please note, projects can not be reimbursed for work already completed. 


A onetime grant of up $2,000 to assist businesses that operate public enclosed spaces will be eligible. For the first $1,000.00 spent, the County will refund 100% of eligible costs excluding HST, and 50% of the remaining costs up to a maximum grant value of $2,000.00.


The application process is now open.


For more information about this new funding opportunity for businesses, please review:

  1. One-page summary of the Public Safety Community Improvement Plan
  2. Application for Financial Incentive: Public Safety Community Improvement Plan Application.
  3. Public Safety Community Improvement Plan


For information, contact invest@brant.ca or call 519.44BRANT, 1.855.44BRANT 

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Russell Press
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Zach Gable
Senior Economic Development Officer
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Brandon Webb
Research and Marketing Economic Development Officer 
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Tourism Coordinator
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Danielle McComb 
Special Event and Filming Coordinator 
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Arts, Culture and Heritage
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Development Liaison
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