Strategic Objectives 

The new Economic Development Strategy was approved by Council in 2019.

The Economic Development Strategy and Action Plan will direct future economic development to support the County of Brant’s current economic base and enable new opportunities for growth. The four prominent pillars of the strategy include:

  • Growing a More Diversified Local Economy,
  • Driving Investment to the County of Brant
  • Building County of Brant’s Downtown Core Areas
  • Communications and Engagement

Recently, County of Brant Council has approved Their Strategic Plan and Action Program. 

This plan is meant to guide council in their decisions through 2023. The plan is based on the following 6 Strategic Objectives; 

  • Sustainable and Managed Growth 
  • Effective Communication 
  • Economic Resilience 
  • Reliable Infastructure 
  • Healthy, safe and Engaged Citizens 
  • Stable and Responsible Governance 

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Recognition and Awards 

Recently, the County of Brant has been ranked;

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