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County of Brant Economic Development and Tourism Year in Review 2019 

Brant COVID-19 Economic Response Survey 2 

*The survey was conducted from April 21, 2020 to May 1, 2020 

 Question 1: Which of the Following best describes the impact of COVID-19 on your business right now?
 Question 1 Responses
 Question 2: What measures are you likely to use/need to address the economic impact of COVID-19?
 Question 2 Responses
 Question 3: Have you accessed any government support? 
 Question 4: If yes, what supports have you accessed? 
 Question 4 Responses
 Question 5: What do you need most from your local municipal government right now? 
 Question 5 Responses
 Question 7: How has your business responded to COVID-19? 
 Question 7 Responses
 Question 8: Where is your business located? 
 Question 8 Responses
 Question 9: What is the primary industry your business is part of? 
 Question 9 Responses
 Question 10 and 11 

Question 10: How many employees did you have employed before COVID-19 Impacted Ontario? 

Question 11: How many employees do you have now employed at your business as a result of COVID-19? 

Question 10 and 11 Response

Brant COVID-19 Economic Response Survey 1  

*The survey was conducted from March 26, 2020 to April 16, 2020 with 7% of Brant businesses responding.

 Question 1: What Sector is your County of Brant Business in? 
 Question 1 Chart
 Question 2: What is the impact of COVID-19 on your organization so far? 
 Question 2 Chart
 Question 3: Specific to the COVID-19 Pandemic, What are the priority needs of your business currently? (Ranked) 
 Question 3 Chart

Brant Statistics Specific to Business and Industry 

 County of Brant Largest Sectors by Employees*  

  1. Manufacturing - 2,870 Jobs 
  2. Construction - 2,226 Jobs 
  3. Retail Trade - 1,974 Jobs 
  4. Transportation and Warehousing - 1,405 Jobs 
  5. Health Care and Social Assistance - 1,396 Jobs 


*Source: OMAFRA Analyst 
 Small Business Growth 

2015 - 976 Small Businesses 

2018 - 1009 Small Businesses 

 Business Sizes Throughout Brant 

 1-4 Employees - 756 Businesses 

5-9 Employees - 269 Businesses 

10-19 Employees - 168 Businesses 

20-49 Employees - 110 Businesses 

50-99 Employees - 34 Businesses 

100-199 Employees - 22 Businesses 

 Brant Agriculture Statistics 

Size of Farms in Brant 

 Farm Stats  

Types of Crops Grown in Brant 


 Brant Tourism Economic Impact (2019) 

Bus and Motor Coach Economic Impact - $814,788.00 

Sporting Event Economic Impact - $2,393,904.00 

Meetings, Conferences and Conventions Economic Impact - $317,460.00 

Paddling Partner Economic Impact - $2,743,864.00 

Total Special Events Economic Impact - $19,292,343.00 


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